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🔥 9 AI tools to accelerate your productivity

🤖 8 YouTube Channels For AI

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9 AI Tool To Try Today 🔥

  1. Webwhiz: Custom ChatGPT For Your Website. (link)

  2. The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team. (link)

  3. Procesio: Automation based on no-code, low-code & full-code. (link)

  4. Chatbase: Easily build and train an intelligent chatbot powered by ChatGPT with online and offline data. (link) Available for Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

  5. PrivateGPT: Chat with your data securely without privacy issues. (link)

  6. Character AI: Chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and experience the magic of an AI that hears you, understands you, and remembers you. (link)

  7. Editby: Create content that boosts your views and followers. (link)

  8. LogicLoop: Generate SQL with AI for business and data teams. (link)

  9. Pixelied Image AI: Generate images, logos, icons & more using text to img tool. (link)

🧨 Spotlight Space ( Sponsored ) 🧨

PixieBrix: This tool helps you leverage the power of AI and automation to streamline workflows and improve your productivity.

Their newest mod helps you quickly summarize text on any page with the help of GPT so you can learn faster.

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8 YouTube Channels to Learn AI 🤖

  1. The AI Advantage (link)

  2. Jason West (link)

  3. TheAIGRID (link)

  4. Prompt Engineering (link)

  5. Matt Wolfe (link)

  6. Two-Minute Papers (link)

  7. Brett Malinowski (link)

  8. 10X Income (link)

Midjourney Prompt: knolling F1 Car

What’s Knolling?
The overhead shots of products or items are arranged on a flat surface at parallel or 90-degree angles in a symmetrical order—that is knolling photography.

Prompt: knolling F1 Car

Midjourney Prompt: Double exposure of a bear and a mountain, natural scenery, and watercolor art.

Double exposure is a fantastic technique to mix two different photos into one unique, eye-catching image.

Prompt: Double exposure of a bear and a mountain, natural scenery, watercolor art

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