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This week's focus is to give you 6 free prompt engineering courses.

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🔥 10 New AI Tools

🤖 Why AI won't take your job

🐦 3 Tweets you cannot miss

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10 trending AI Tools 🔥

  1. WorkOS - The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS.

  2. Creatie - The one-stop product design tool amplified by AI.

  3. Dub.co - Short links with superpowers.

  4. Butternut AI - Build a stunning multi-page website in seconds using AI.

  5. ZeroTrusted AI - Your AI privacy protection.

  6. Fieldmobi Frontline - A direct line to your teams and resources.

  7. Signwell - Get documents signed quickly, securely & legally.

  8. Podwise - Unleash the power of podcasts.

  9. Content Codex - Your brand’s content strategy, enhanced by AI.

  10. SEO AI Writer - One-Click SEO-friendly AI content creator.
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6 free prompt engineering courses.

2 years ago, I learned everything online to know about prompt engineering.

And I didn't spend a dime.

Here are 6 free prompt engineering courses that are better than paid ones:

1. Prompt engineering best practices

Master the beginner prompting tutorial to build a solid foundation.

Step-by-step, it guides through techniques including:

  • Defining the desired output format

  • Separating instructions from content

  • Learning to use specific, descriptive language

Prompting is the key to building a successful future.

2. Cookbook

This course has tons of good examples of prompts used in software engineering tasks.

It’s not only for the language models but also covers content like Whisper, DALL-E, Azure OpenAI, etc.

3. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

Learn the comprehensive 3-week course that builds up prompt engineering expertise.

Some topic highlights include:

  • Root prompts

  • Prompt patterns

  • The Persona pattern

  • Cognitive verifier patterns

  • Audience persona patterns

  • Question refinement patterns

If you're interested in learning about AI prompt engineering, this course is for you.

4. ChatGPT prompt engineering for developers

With the excellent video-based course, you can learn prompt engineering for coding.

It covers the basic knowledge of Python topics like:

  • Inferring

  • Chatbots

  • Expanding

  • Transforming

  • Iterative Approach

Anyone can use the inspirations to directly prompt in playgrounds.

5. Advanced MidJourney prompt engineering

While other tutorials are more general, this course delves deep into AI art, specifically for MidJourney.

You’ll learn a lot of commands to turn you into a pro.

6. Advanced Prompt Engineering

Apply advanced learning to deal with complex prompts to generate correct answers.

It shows us techniques such as:

  • Self Consistency

  • Automatic Prompting

  • Least-to-most technique

  • Knowledge Augmentation

  • Multimodal chain of thought (CoT)

Despite the advanced course, it also offers valuable insights into AI.

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